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Family home evening thought…

I am impressed with a lesson from Alma 47.  The Nephites and Lamanites are engaged in their long war, but this lesson is taught by the actions of Lamanites.  The king of the Lamanites, influenced by Amalickiah, a Nephite dissenter, declares they are going to battle against the Nephites.  There was a group in the army who feared to fight the Nephites, so this group, led by Lehonti, went to the top of the mount Antipas.  Amalickiah tried three times to entice Lehonti off the mountain, and three times, Lehonti refused.  So Amalickiah went up the mount, “nearly to Lehonti’s camp,” and invited Lehonti to come down with his guards.  Lehonti apparently felt that was a “safe move.”  He would be protected, and the bargain offered by Amalickiah seemed fair.  Big mistake!  He didn’t immediately suffer the consequences, but, poisoned “by degrees”, Lehonti died.  The lesson that I continue to ponder from this chapter relates to temptation.  Satan tries to tempt us “off the mountain,” even the smallest distance.  Over time, coming down from the mount (sinning just a little), leads to moving farther and farther down the mount.  How grateful I am that, when I sin and move a little down the mount, the Atonement allows me to repent, and move back up the mountain.  Safety is found only on the top of the mountain.  “Stand ye in holy places, and be not moved…”  (D&C 87:8)