all the things I do in my hideaway


My hideaway has had many previous titles.  Its progression has been girls’ room, boys’ room, girls’ room, then, when our youngest daughter moved away to start college, it became the “Hideaway.”  Although the few summers it was temporarily surrendered to be a bedroom, it is now “my space.”  This isn’t a room for the claustrophic, a small bedroom, made into my sanctuary.  The walls are decorated with a variety of art.   One daughter did  a beautiful embellished fabric print (Kincade picture).  Another daughter gave me a print of Goblin Valley, Utah, which always brings back memories of being there with my Aunt Fern and Uncle Walt, 3 months prior to the untimely death of my uncle in a flash flood.  A few of my needlework projects are here, together with pictures that inspire me.  Pictures of children (I have seven, five girls, two boys) and grandsons (3) occupy part of my bulletin board.  This is a peaceful place for me.  Here I pray, study,  read, laugh, cry, sew, grade papers, and write.  Constantly changing, always precious – my hideaway.  The welcome mat is out…enjoy your cyber visits.


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