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7 Days of Inspiration…


When I was a teenager, I often accompanied for various individuals and groups as they sang. This particularly included playing the piano for performances in which my parents were involved. My mother often sang in trios, or other groups of women, for church activities. One song I remember very well was My Testimony, by Bettie L. Jones, with flowing music by Muriel C. Ashton. This song has been in my mind every time I have pondered my words for this last “Day of Inspiration.”

I have a testimony, sacred and dear to me.
Something that lies within my soul, one that I cannot see.
When life seems dark and its shadows hide all the brightness of day,
I feel God’s arms around me, leading me on each day.
Trials and tribulations oft have come my way,
But I’ve felt Him near me, and I’ve knelt to pray,..

I know that He lives, He loves me, and desires me to complete this life with honor. He cares about my smallest need as well as my greatest trials. He will never abandon me. I only need to pray to Him. He hears each word, spoken and unspoken. I know He is the Only Begotten Son of the Father, that He came to earth, lived a perfect life, then, offered Himself a willing sacrifice for all mankind. He suffered unfathomable pain in the Garden as He took upon Himself the sins of all mankind, then went to the cross, where He gave up His life. He was buried in the tomb, and rose on the third day, breaking the bands of death. Because of Him, each of us will live again. I know that in these last days, He has restored to the earth the fullness of the Gospel, through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I know that Thomas S. Monson is His living prophet upon the earth today, and that, with those men called as apostles, he administers the affairs of His kingdom on this earth. I know that as I navigate life in an increasingly wicked world, I can hold to the rod, and, in the end, return triumphant to His presence. In a coming day, He shall return to the earth. He shall cleanse the earth from sin and peace shalll be established, with a righteous Governor. One day, I shall see Him, and kneel at His feet. In that day, I will rejoice.

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