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7 Days of Inspiration…

Today, I want to post about the connection between the Law of Sacrifice in the Old Testament and its foreshadowing of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in performing the atonement for all the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve.  As a seminary student many years ago, I had a phenomenal Old Testament teacher.  There seemed to be no formal curriculum at that time, and each teacher taught the scriptures as they chose.  I was a senior in high school.  Bro. Rudd took seriously his responsibility to teach us the Gospel.  We didn’t learn just the “scripture stories.”  We learned the doctrine taught in the scriptures.  This was released time in Utah, and we received high school credit for Old and New Testament classes, so this “counted.”  One project required us to use the directions given Moses for building the tabernacle in the wilderness, and draw a detailed scale floor plan of that structure. Then we learned about the tabernacle as it pertains to the temples built today.  He prepared us to enter the temple at some future day.  Each lesson was taught through the lenses of the application in our lives.  I gained a great love for the Old Testament that year.

Fast forward a few decades. The curriculum for Sunday School this year is the Old Testament, but my bishop asked us to read from both the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon. Currently, I’m reading Isaiah and Alma. The Atonement is a constant topic in both books. I found this message that connects the two books of scripture I am studying. A beautiful explanation of the foreshadowing of His sacrifice in Old Testament times, and the symbolism I should remember as I partake of the sacrament each week.


Something to remember this Sunday…


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