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Easter card for March 31


The last week of the Savior’s life….

Happy Birthday!

Not too many years ago, God sent a beautiful baby girl to David and Marsha, who named her Katherine. She grew to be a talented, intelligent, and sensitive woman, who learned to know and understand God’s plan for her. About four years ago, she wore a pair of purple shoes to church, and caught the eye of a man who had made a life-changing decision, one in which he would honor and obey God in all things. I want the world to know how much I love this woman, for she became the wife of my son, Rob. She makes him happy, and patiently keeps the “home fires burning” as he serves God and country. May the richest blessings be hers!

Creating beauty….

We have been blessed with a wonderful daughter-in-law, Katherine.  She is gracious, beautiful, a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, and wife to our son, Robert.  Next week is her birthday.  They live in a city nicknamed “The Little Apple,” which explains why I fell in love with this fabric.  So, for her birthday, I made these:



Proof that spring is coming…

As I walked up to my front door today, I saw the proof of a soon (I hope) to be spring!  The first crocus are open!  It doesn’t matter than I am tired, losing my voice, thankful for substitute teachers, and not excited about grading tests.  It doesn’t matter that I have a pair of “spaceship” jammies to make before flying to Utah in two weeks to see family, as well as a birthday present for my wonderful daughter-in-law.  Spring is coming!



A flower out of season…

I love the zygocactus.  Perhaps you know them better as Christmas cacti.  When my children were young, I bought a Christmas cactus.  I read the directions that came with the cactus and faithfully did everything as instructed.  I followed the directions to encourage blooming the next year…no flowers.  I did the same the next year…no flowers.  One more try…no flowers.  I quit trying, and, eventually, the plant went to that great plant heaven in the backyard – the compost pile.  Fast forward to the second year I was teaching (2004) and a beautiful pink zygocactus.  I couldn’t resist…the price was right…the color was beautiful…the plant was covered with flowers.  One year later, and I totally forget to do anything to encourage blooming.  I barely remember to water the plant occasionally.  Veteran’s Day comes, no school, so I decide to do some housework on a week day.  Dust here I come…and there are buds appearing all over my zygocactus!  Since then, that plant, and four other zygocacti that have joined first one bloom every November and December.  Pink, red/orange, white (with a pink throat), coral, and pale pink flowers provide the backdrop to several small nativity sets each year.

Today, I looked out the window, and spotted color on one of my cacti.  One flower and one bud!  What a beautiful remember of Christmas and the celebration of the birth of my Savior.  Easter is coming…maybe another plant will decide to send out a small reminder of He who created all.

My beautiful reminder of my Savior.

Creating special things…

The past few weeks, I have had the opportunity to “create” in several ways.

The first “creation” was a tote bag with a smaller “tape measure snap closure” bag, a kleenex holder, and a fold-up shopping bag from fun zebra print and black/white polka dots.  This will be packaged up this afternoon and mailed to Marsha, my daughter-in-law’s mother and a friend since the wedding.  I am excited – it turned out the way I hoped it would!  We saw one similar to this while on our cruise together in December.  Marsha loved the bag and I am so happy I was able to make one like it for her.


Next, I was able to create memories and fun with two of my grandsons during the Presidents’ Day school holiday.  Here are some of our memories and other special things:


Cinnamon roll waffles – the left-overs (that “disappeared” in the next couple of hours)

Directions:  Purchase ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls in the refrigerator section of the grocery store.  Separate package of 8 rolls into groups of two rolls each.  Unroll one roll and wrap around the other one, making a “giant” roll.  Smash (RDG’s description) between two pieces of wax paper.  Place in waffle iron.  Frost and eat!  Yummy!  (

Waffles in the picture were smashed individually, rather than making the “preferred for breakfast” waffles.  This was the way they wanted to make the “leftovers.”

IThey did have fruit and milk to go with this…a little bit of healthy with the waffles.)


Our “igneous rock” – melted crayons


ACG and the puzzle we put together – this is 500 pieces, and took us two visits to complete.  We also did three 100 piece Planet Earth puzzles.  We have other puzzles just waiting for our attention.  We love the challenge.


We played “science.”  This visit was dedicated to rocks and minerals.  The boys chose quartz crystals for their observations.  RDG especially liked using a flashlight to observe the transparency of his amethyst quartz crystal, while ADG loved using the copper scratch strip to test hardness.

We also made popcorn, using a stove-top popper with a handle that you turn to keep the popcorn from burning.  My children would remember this, and the grandsons loved it! 

My next creations will be using a technique I found on Pinterest that makes EASY mitered corners for baby blankets and other things…more to be posted in the next week or two about that, with pictures.  The boys want to make quilts for their beds, similar to the one they made for their parents for Christmas, so we have to schedule a trip to get supplies for them one of these days….